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My Way Academy Driving


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    Driving demands patience on the part of learner. It is suggested for any new beginner to get familiar with the parts of the car. Various parts such as pedals -- acceleration and brake pedals, parking brakes. Functions of these pedals and brake. Hire best trainers at My Way Driving to learn driving skills. Visit us: http://mywaydriving.com

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    My Way Academy Driving
    612 58 Ave SW
    Calgary, AB, T2V 2A1, Canada
    Call: (587) 353-0044
    Website: mywaydriving.ca
    Email address:

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  1. Vivek Dey
    Posted on February 19th

    I have passed my driving test with ease and comfort. The instructor Majdi is amazing and patient. Thank you very much to My Way driving school.

  2. Anonymous
    Posted on March 11th

    He is a Crook. I didn’t understand half of the stuff he says, made me confuse all the time. Very impatient and often yells at you if you made a mistake. He talks on cell phone while teaching you how to drive. At the end of 10 hr car lesson he will force you to take more classes so that he can make more money out of you. He will decide what time he will come to pick you up without noticing you in advance if you call him or text he wont answer. His in car driving session is fixed of 2 hrs, will not teach you even 1 minute extra from his allotted time however, during your driving lesson of 2 hrs he will stop several times to Smoke his cigarette.

  3. Wafa
    Posted on March 19th

    Thank you My Way Academy Driving

  4. Guest
    Posted on March 19th

    I have passed my driving test with ease and comfort. The instructor Majdi is amazing and patient. Thank you very much to My Way driving school.

  5. shane richards
    Posted on April 2nd

    how ,much is it

  6. zakharevsky
    Posted on April 4th

    Please be advised that the school does not get automatic notifications from this listing. We have forwarded your message to the e-mail address provided with the contact information of the school, so hopefully they will reply to you in a timely manner. And keep calling them directly, of course, – if your matter is urgent, phone would be the quickest way of getting in touch with them. Hope this helps and good luck!
    Find-a-Driving-School.ca Administration

  7. Anonymous
    Posted on April 29th

    Why is it nobody has noticed that this school is literally the same school as Derek browns the seprate website address and everything. Also this site is crazy broken on iOS I can’t even type

  8. Anonymous
    Posted on April 29th

    Also why is it so hard to find a good driving school! Most of there places are out of there own house with there own car

  9. Majdi Oueslati
    Posted on June 27th

    This school is different from Derek Brown.
    The school shares the driver training classroom facility with Derek Brown.
    The website is different as well and mentions prices.