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We would like to introduce our FREE NWT Driving Practice Test: its clean and clear layout features 40 most common questions similar (and often identical) to those ones asked at the real NWT knowledge test (a.k.a. ‘written test’), directed to train you in using the basic rules of the road and recognizing the major road signs. The test is split into two sections, and you are allowed to make only 4 mistakes in each of these sections in order to pass. The good news is that you can take the practice test as many times as you need, absolutely free of charge! (The questions are randomized after each time, as well as the answer options within each question, so no tests are the same!)
When in doubt, feel free to use the hint at the bottom of each question, but if that does not help, and your answer is incorrect, you will get an immediate feedback showing you the correct option. If your answer is right, you will be directed to the next question, and you will see the one you have answered marked green in the progress grid on the left. Good luck!

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