Getting a Nunavut Drivers License: Requirements and Things to Know

Are you looking forward to getting your first drivers license in Nunavut?

You probably know that getting your license isn’t going to be easy. The hard work will certainly pay off though. Getting your drivers license is a big achievement and once you have the necessary skills, you can certainly be proud. This article will help you to navigate the entire Nunavut licensing process for drivers from preparing for your Nunavut learner’s test to finding a local driving school. With this guide you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. We provide you with the information you need and helpful Nunavut licensing tips so that you can pass your test and start driving sooner. Good luck!

How To Proceed

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    Learn the Nunavut Drivers License Requirements

    In Canada each province or territory determines what you will need to do to get a drivers license. This means that it is a different process depending on where you live. Make sure that you find out the specific licensing requirements for your territory. In Nunavut you can learn the specific requirements by purchasing a copy of the driver’s handbook. These can be purchased from your local Ministry of Transportation office.

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    Find Your Local Ministry of Transportation Office

    To pick up your official handbook you will need to find your closest Ministry of Transportation. There are several locations throughout Nunavut, so finding one nearby shouldn’t be too difficult. Find the nearest office and hours online.

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    Study Your Handbook

    While there will be many resources available to you throughout the licensing process, always remember that your official handbook should be your number one resource. Make sure that you read this guide carefully and that you study the various rules of the road. In many provinces young drivers must go through a graduated licensing program. This can make getting a license take a little extra time. Luckily for you, Nunavut is the only territory in Canada without these requirements.

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    Make an Appointment for a Permit Test

    Once you are very comfortable with the information in the handbook, contact your local transportation office to schedule an appointment for your permit test. Many people are very nervous before taking these tests. There is no need to be afraid. The information in the permit test will be very similar to the information that you studied. Make sure that you study until you are very comfortable with the information and you should be fine.

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    Pay The Permit Test Fee

    There is a fee each time that you must take a permit test. In Nunavut the fee is $30.35 for the test and $68.56 for the learners permit. You will need to pay this fee and fill out an application before you can take your written test.

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    Consider Taking Drivers Training

    One great way to practice your skills and really get ready for your Nunavut driving test is to take a drivers training course. These courses are fairly affordable (prices vary depending on the course you choose) and can really help you practice your road skills. Since your driving skills will determine you success on the road test and your safety as well, this is a great way to start off right. If you do decide to enroll in drivers training make sure that you choose a program that is approved by the Nunavut Department of Transportation. This will ensure that the skills taught are consistent with the requirements for driving in this province.

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    Practice with Your Learners Permit

    Once you pass the permit test and pay the necessary fees you will receive your permit. This permit will allow you to drive on roads in Canada as long as you have a licensed driver that is at least 25 years old with you. This driver should be alert at all times and ready to help you if needed. They should sit in the front seat with you and must have a valid Nunavut driving license.

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    Schedule Your Nunavut Road Test

    Your permit is good for 12 months of driving practice. Make sure that you take advantage of this time and that you really hone your skills before you schedule your road test. You see each time you take the test it costs money and takes time. If you pass on the first try you will save a bundle and get your license more quickly. Make sure that you are ready before you schedule the test. It is better to wait a few weeks and be ready than to rush. As you practice make sure that you are comfortable driving in all weather conditions and during the day and the night.

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    Take Your Nunavut Road Test

    Once you are ready you can head on over to the Ministry of Transportation office to take your driving test. Your test will cost $30.35 and your Nunavut class 5 license will cost $15.56. You will need to turn in your Nunavut class 7 license (learners permit) to receive your new license. Your road skills test will consist of an on the road test that will determine if you have the skills necessary to drive alone. You will need to demonstrate various skills including parallel parking, driving on the highway and safely interacting with other cars. As you take the test remember the safety principles that you learned for your learners permit test. It might help to review your Nunavut driver’s handbook before going in for your test.

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    Enjoy Your New Driving License

    If you pass your test you will receive your license. Since Nunavut doesn’t have graduated licensing requirements you will receive a full fledged license as soon as you meet the minimum requirements. Congratulations on your big achievement! Now make sure that you drive carefully and continue to use the principles that you were taught in drivers training and during the course of preparing for your drivers license in Nunavut. Make sure that you pay attention to when your license will expire so that you won’t miss important deadlines and can keep your license for a long time.