ON: Drive Test Employees Charged With Issuing Fake Licences

fake-driving-license-ontario Four Drive Test employees have been charged with issuing fake licences.
More than 300 false IDs were allegedly created, and each card had an estimated street value of $5000.

Toronto Police believe that over 164 false identities were created and used to gain credit and obtain other provincial and federal government identification.
Officers also allege that an additional 140 identities have been classified as suspicious and were used to circumvent government regulations such as the Family Responsibility Act and court orders pertaining to such crimes as Impaired Driving.
The investigation, dubbed Project Mouse, lasted three months.

Deborah Chamberlain, 45, of Toronto, and Joanne Mcglennon, 43, of Orangeville have each been charged with:

  • Breach of trust by public officer,
  • Fraud Over,
  • Forgery,
  • Conspiracy to commit indictable offence.

Malvinder Birdi, 45, of Brampton, has been charged with:

  • Fraud Over,
  • Forgery,
  • Conspiracy to commit indictable offence.

Mohammad Akmal, 31, of Toronto, has been charged with:

  • Fraud Under,
  • Possession Property obtained by Crime.

Meanwhile, employees at the provincial facilities remain on strike. Driver exams have been put on hold.