Ontario Driving Test: Picking Time and Location

Now that your G1 test is passed and you got your G1 license, it’s time to start thinking about taking the driving test.

In Ontario individuals can take their road tests anywhere they want.

They have the option of looking around and picking the location and time they want to take their driving test. It doesn’t matter if the conditions are different from what they are used to driving. There seems to be easy and difficult places where you can take your road test in Ontario. Between 2006-2008 seven Drive Test locations were in the top 10 in the province that passed drivers with the lowest scores. Failure rates were the highest in Brampton at 48% and Scarborough came in at 47% and the Oakville area stood at 45%. In Oshawa it stood at 32%, Burlington was 27% and closer to Toronto in Orillia it as 23% with Barrie at 22%.

The province wide failure rate was at 38% for G1 tests and 32% for G2 tests.

It all depended on where they tested and who their examiners were and how they took to their driving capabilities. In Brampton one examiner actually failed a whopping 71% per cent of G1 drivers. Another one failed 44% of drivers. In Downsview one examiner failed 61% and another 23%. Of course the time of day you take your test can determine the outcome as well. The rush hour times in Ontario are usually 6:30a.m. to 9:30am and in the evening from 4:00p.m. to 7:00 p.m. No one wants to drive in rush hour traffic with the long lines and the horrible waiting time. These are the worst parts of the day to travel and it causes a lot of road rage among drivers. You want your driving test to be as stress free as possible.

The best time of the day to take your test is between 1pm and 3pm.

At this time of the day the traffic and congestion on the roads will be lessened. You don’t want to schedule a test during the rush hour because the traffic flow will make you nervous. When you schedule in the afternoon you can have your last lesson that morning. This way you can warm up to it and relax. Even though it is hard, try to avoid paying attention to what your examiner is writing on their clipboard during the testing. Just keep your eyes on the road and go through their commands. Whatever they are writing is not in your control, so you may as well focus on the driving.

The fact is that instructors can change the driving routes whenever they want.

You also want to avoid those times of the day when kids are being picked up or dropped off at school or try to avoid those areas. There are many places in Ontario where you can safely take your driving test. You just have to do some research and pick the best area for you. Sometimes, if you go out of the city the test could become harder because it is out of your area and they don’t want you to think it is easier. Remember to pick the least congested time of the day so that you won’t be nervous or frustrated.