Ontario: Personalized Licence Plate Program Updated

Ontario is changing the way it reviews personalized licence plate applications. Guided by the recommendations of a volunteer advisory panel, notable program changes include:

<< -- Allowing the use of religious titles on personalized plates -- Updating the review criteria to ensure that the entire meaning of a plate is considered -- Adopting a more transparent application process and providing more upfront information about the review criteria. >>

The advisory panel was established last fall to review Ontario’s Personalized Licence Plate program and make recommendations on how the program could be improved and modernized. Program changes will be in place later this spring. QUOTES “I am grateful to the panel members who volunteered their time to review the Personalized Licence Plate program.

Balancing the right of personal expression and community standards is no easy task. Thanks to the panel’s suggestions, the program will be more transparent and will give Ontarians more flexibility when choosing a personalized plate.” -- Jim Bradley, Minister of Transportation .

<< QUICK FACTS -- There were seven volunteers on the Personalized Licence Plate Advisory Panel, including experts on human rights and religion and a car enthusiast. -- Personalized licence plates can be purchased for use on most passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. -- Ontario issues more than 25,000 personalized licence plates each year.

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27 March 2009