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Prepared Driving School


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    Prepared Driving School
    35 Coral Spings Circle NorthEast
    Calgary, AB, Canada

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  1. Penguin
    Posted on October 23rd

    My wife just finished the 10 hours driving with Prepared Drving School and I took her for a drive to see how she’s doing. After 10 hours she was never told how to hold the wheel properly and how to do the steering and I had to show her in 10 minutes something that should be learned in the first hour of driving. The instructor wanted her to buy more hours that is fine, but by looking at what she learned so far, it’s not worth the money. Most of the time the instructor took her to drive straight and showed her ONLY 2-3 parkings – only with the back with no actual car in the back. The instructor NEVER showed her on how to adjust her mirrors or to look in them and took her with 40km/h in a playground area even if my wife wanted to go 30km/h. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DRIVING SCHOOL TO ANYONE. The indoor classes are OK, but the instructors are very money oriented. Think before you pay.

  2. Guest
    Posted on October 3rd

    TERRIBLE SERVICE. All they care about is money and what is convenient for them. They never pick up the phone or they hang up on you when you call and you don’t get anywhere when talking to them. They just give you other numbers to call and tell you to come in on other days. And when you go there on other days no one is there even if they should be open. Absolutely terrible school and service and I’d definitely recommend another school. A few extra bucks is worth all the troubles you will save.