Prince Edward Island Driver’s License Procedure

Steps to get your Graduated Driver’s license (Class 7 & 5) in Prince Edward Island

There are 3 stages in getting driver’s license.

  1. PEI Stage 1 or Class 7 license -- called the Instruction Permit.
  2. PEI Stage 2 – learner’s license.
  3. PEI Stage 3 or Class 5 license – Driver’s license.

Stage 1:

  • Eligible to this level only when you are above 16 years of age.
  • Appear at the Highway Safety office in your area for the written test (sample PEI written test online) on rules and sign-recognition based on the PEI Driver’s Handbook. Complete the vision test.
  • You will be certified by your driver education instructor and will be issued a PEI Instruction Permit valid for 2 years.
  • You must complete the PEI Novice Driver Course before you are eligible for a road test which lasts about 5 hours and is usually taught in 2 separate sessions. Get register in advance and bring the PEI Instruction Permit to the first class.
  • You may drive a motor vehicle only when a licensed driver, who has held a PEI Driver’s License for at least 4 years, and who does not have a blood alcohol count of 0.05 or more, occupies the seat beside you.
  • The only passengers permitted in the vehicle are the person providing the instruction and that person’s immediate family.
  • Drivers in the PEI GDL Program may not drive between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. This does not apply to individuals who have a Prince Edward Island Instruction Permit (Class 7) and are 21 years old or older.
  • PEI Drivers who are learning to operate vehicles in Classes 5, 6 and 9 must obtain an Instruction Permit (Class 7).
  • The 365-day waiting period will not apply if the previous Prince Edward Island Instruction Permit is expired less than one year.

Stage 2:

  • You must stay in this stage for 2 years.

Stage 3:

  • Eligible to this level only when you have a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • Eligible to this level only when passed the PEI road test. The driving school will also conduct the road test to certify you for a PEI Class 5 Driver’s License.
  • You must wait a minimum 275 days before a road test can be conducted by the driving school for certification of a PEI Class 5 Driver’s License.
  • You must get your Class 5 photo license within 30 days after you successfully complete the road test.
  • Prince Edward Island Drivers in the GDL Program must have zero blood alcohol content (BAC).
  • You are warned at five, six, seven or eight demerit points and suspended for one month when nine demerit points are accumulated.

NOTE: All Prince Edward Island Drivers’ Licenses expire at midnight on the birthday of the licensed driver.

Requirements for getting the license in Prince Edward Island

  • Must be 16 years of age
  • You must also have an acceptable knowledge of road signs, rules of the road and safe driving practices, and must pass the vision test.
  • Must pass the first and second road tests.

What to bring to the PEI test center

  • Proof of your age. Birth certificate is accepted. Passport or Immigration papers will be verified before a Driver’s license or Instruction Permit will be issued.
  • Parents’ consent form (found in the “Co-Pilot” brochure) signed by both parents and legal guardians. (When your age is below 18)
  • Driver education students must return a completed Master Sheet approved by the driving school.
  • Valid registration and insurance. -- Accompanied by a licensed driver who has held a valid Driver’s License for at least four years.
  • Vehicle meeting safety requirements.
  • Valid Instruction Permit.
  • Completion of a Novice Driver Course.

Fees required for getting the Prince Edward Island license

  • License fee is $60 for 3 years
  • Knowledge test fee is $20
  • Test for instruction permit $20

Prince Edward Island Driver’s Handbook and Sample Online Test

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