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Professional Truck Driving School Ltd


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    Professional Truck Driving School Ltd. is an expert in some of the most popular methods. You can learn single/double clutch use or shifting without clutch on manual transmission. Professional Truck Driving School Ltd. is the leading content and information provider of truck training school. We are committed to serving your learning needs with the broadest possible range of topics. Gain the expertise required to operate standard 18 Wheeler.

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    Professional Truck Driving School Ltd
    Unit 4, 4710 80 Avenue SE
    Calgary, AB, T2C 2Z1, Canada
    Tel: 4037249000; Fax: 4037249111
    Email address:

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  1. Dany
    Posted on November 11th

    If you lookin to learn and drive properly,i would recommand to everybody to go at this school.Harry is the teacher in class and.in the vehicule.really great attitude.really patient and he make sure always you are confy and not nervous when you drive.never in rush.hes attention is 200% on you and the vehicule.hes got tones of tricks and the experience to do what is doin…i hope i had theachers like that at school when i was young.

  2. AP
    Posted on July 12th

    I FULLY RECOMMEND PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL!!! I had a wonderful experience with this school, Harry the Instructor is very patient, his full attention is on you the student, He has tons and tons of tricks to help you, he makes you feel very comfortable and if you feel stressed he helps you calm down and relax, he also has a great attitude and always has a smile. Harry is highly experience instructor, he knows his stuff very well, he shows you what to do and why it is done that way. The area he takes you to learn is quiet and helps you relax. Please go to this school, you won’t regret it!!