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Driving school in Oshawa, ON, Canada

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633 King E, Oshawa, ON Canada
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About the Provincial Driving School:

Provincial Driving School is a well reputable school. We have been serving the Durham Area for over 25 years. Our driver education course curriculum is completely approved by the MTO.

Our course covers 20-hours of in-class and 10-hours of in-car instruction and the student will receive a workbooklet. Provincial Driving Schools main objective is to teach students Defensive Driving and to teach them life long driving skills and prepare them for their G2 road test. When students take our course they are fully explained all the information pertaining to our course. We explain to the students how to start their in-car lessons, how to book their road test, where to get their certificate... etc.

When students graduate from our driving school they are required to go to Service Ontario to obtain their certificate. The driving school also sends a confirmation email to all students confirming when their information has been processed.

All brand new drivers are different when it comes to driving. 10-hours of driving time is not always enough for a novice driver. Novice drivers need at least 50-hours of driving practice to be safe on the roadway and to pass their G2 road test. Provincial Driving School Instructors would not recommend a student to go for their road test if they are not prepared and safe on the roadway. Also parents are always encouraged to get feedback from the in-class and in-car instructor at any given time on how their son or daughter's progress is. At Provincial Driving School we have very high teaching standards and most important we teach students Defensive Driving lifetime skills for their driving career!

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