How to Renew Your Ontario Driver’s License

Well, the time has come to go out and get your driver’s license renewed.

So, how do you go about this in Ontario? Are there any special rules or regulations that may be different from other provinces? Depending on the type of driver’s license you are renewing, there may be different requirements. Here you will find some great tips for renewing your Ontario driver’s license, and if you need more information, you can visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website at

How to Proceed

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    Do You Need a New Picture?

    All Ontario drivers’ licenses have your photo on them, and every so often, you must get that photo updated. This does not mean that you will have to take another test. If you need a photo update but not a test, you will receive a postcard from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as a reminder. This postcard actually is replacing the old driver’s license renewal applications.

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    Renewing Licenses for Novice Class Drivers

    If you have one of these licenses, it is not automatically up for renewal should it expire. About six months before your license is to expire, you should receive a notice in the mail to remind you. On the notice, you will find details about your license, and what you need to either re-qualify for a novice class license or to move on out of the graduated licensing system. If your novice license has expired, you will be required to take a new written test, and another road test. You must also have another eye test, to ensure that your vision has not changed any during this time.

    When you are a novice class driver, you are driving with a number of conditions. Novice classes are G1, G2, M1, M2 and M2 with condition “L”. If you have passed the G1, M1 or the M1 with condition “L” road tests in the 12 months before your license expiration, you can pay a fee to get the G2, M2 or the M2 with condition “L” license, which will be valid for five years. You must do this before the expiration date of your license.

    If you have let your license slip, and it has been invalid for less than three years, you can reapply without having to worry about the mandatory time period for the graduated licensing. But, if you have had an invalid license for more than three years, you will have to go through the stages all over again.

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    How to Renew Your License

    The notice of renewal postcard should arrive at your home about 60 to 90 days before your license actually expires, so you will have plenty of notification in case you have forgotten about it. Should the postcard not arrive, or you lose it, you can apply to get another and have your driver’s license renewed right on the spot. As long as you renew your Ontario driver’s license within one year of the expiration, you won’t have to worry about re-taking any tests.

    All you have to do to renew your driver’s license is take the postcard to your nearest Driver and Vehicle Licensing Issuing Office. You will probably have to sign the application, as well as provide them with identification proving your name, age and signature. There will be a renewal fee of $75, and you may need to have your photograph re-taken. Any payments made by cheque must be certified, unless they are mailed.

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    Renewing an Expired or Invalid License in Ontario

    The conditions on renewing an expired or invalid license in Ontario are going to vary greatly. If you have a license that has been invalid for more than a year but less than three years, you will have to have a new eye test. If your license has been invalid for a longer period of time than three years, you must re-take all of the tests, including vision, written and road tests.

    Licenses that have been invalid for more than three years but less than 10 years must be renewed under graduated licensing, although you will not have to worry about the mandatory waiting periods. But, should you let your license lapse for more than 10 years, you will have to go through the whole process as if you were a brand new driver, complete with the graduated licensing and any and all mandatory waiting periods.

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    If You Are Over 80

    Drivers who are over the age of 80 must renew their driver’s licenses every two years. Each time you renew, the requirements are going to be the same. You will have to re-take the vision and written tests, and attend a group session that offers driving tips, and information about how age can affect your driving skills. You can get more information about these requirements by visiting the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website, where you will find information about senior driver safety under the Senior Drivers in Ontario section.

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    What If I Am Outside the Province When My License Expires?

    There are special conditions for those who are not in Ontario when their driver’s licenses expire. They can renew their licenses up to 180 days before the actual expiry date before they leave Ontario, so they will not have to worry about it later. You will have to visit a Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office for your renewal, and if you meet the qualifications for this type of renewal, you must be there in person to do it. If you require certain testing before renewal, you will have to visit a DriveTest Driver Examination Centre for your renewal.

    The best way to avoid any difficulties getting your Ontario driver’s license renewed is to make sure that you always do it on or before the date on the renewal notice. This way, you won’t have to worry about taking any additional tests or having to pass other requirements; you can just get your renewal with no hassles at all.