Routine maintenance extends life of recreational vehicles

Basic routine maintenance is an important part of owning a recreational vehicle (RV) and will not only extend the vehicle’s life, but will help prevent breakdowns and collisions.Whether you sail a boat, drive a camper, or off-road with ATV four wheelers this summer, here are a few tips to keep all your RVs safe this season:

  1. Engine – Change the oil regularly and refill all fluids. Recreational vehicles rack up a lot more mileage than the average car uses daily.
  2. Battery – Check that the battery is properly charged and has the correct fluid levels. Keep your battery clean, as dampness and dirt can also drain your battery.
  3. Tire Pressure – Proper tire pressure should always be checked and adjusted before you begin riding. If the tire pressure varies between tires, you risk the danger of losing control at a high rate of speed.
  4. Routine Clean – Routine cleaning will go a long way towards counteracting the long-term effects of environmental wear and tear.
  5. Check List – At the beginning of each season, cover all the finer maintenance points with a checklist.

“Aside from proper maintenance, the best protection for your RV is an insurance policy specific to the vehicle. RV policies are more affordable than most people realize – especially when combined with an existing auto or home policy,” states Stefanie Hay, insurance and claims expert with Aviva Canada.

By taking the time to maintain and insure your RV’s you can look forward to many happy years of outdoor fun and adventure.

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-- News Canada