Rules of using the headlights

The correct way of using car headlights is really important.

For instance, in some countries or states a driver must use headlights between sunrise and sundawn or when the visibility on the road is less than 500 feet. Different factors can lead to poor visibility.

First of all we need to focus on the purpose of using headlights:

To clearly see the road and objects in front of the car.

To be seen by other car drivers.

Also the color of your car can determine your car’s visibility.

A car of white or grey color is very hard to notice in a dense fog beforehand. It’s hard to notice grey cars in rainy conditions when it’s dim. The same problem is with cars of dark colors. That’s why the rule is to use headlights every time driving during the rain or fog when in such conditions visibility is limited.

If you doubt whether to use headlights or not, it’s better to switch them on. Remember that turning headlights on doesn’t require more fuel.

It can be dangerous when another car suddenly appears in front of you because of the other driver who hasn’t noticed your car. This may be the last thing for both of you to realise, it’s not a joke.