You are a safe driver if…

You can consider yourself a safe driver if you follow the below rules:

  • Have an emergency kit in your car at all times. In addition to having standard things like a first aid kit and booster cables, why not add safety light to your emergency kit? Most of those only require 4 AA batteries, but this super-compact gadget serves a dual purpose: shines as bright as a powerful flashlight and also alerts others like a flare. Safety lights normally come in triangular shapes, so they can be safely used as a bright spotlight or as a blinking safety triangle to warn any oncoming traffic of your presence.
  • Know where you’re heading. Before hitting the road, take your time to carefully map out your future route. Motor organization such as CAA provide drivers with free road maps and detailed directions to their destinations. Besides, you can always use Google Maps or MapQuest websites, and just print out their directions. Remember to be aware of any traffic, construction and weather advisories along your route so you can make alternate plans should these conditions affect your trip.
  • Reduce your distraction. Traffic, construction work, other careless drivers -- all these are distractions that are beyond your control. However, you can still _reduce_ the risk of an accident by decreasing the distractions inside your own car.
  • Buckle up! No matter how heavily this is being enforced these days, a lot of drivers still ignore this most important safety precaution. When both shoulder and lap belts are fastened properly, they reduce the risk of fatal injuries to front-seat passengers by 45% or more. They also minimize the risk of (moderate to critical) injury by 50%!
  • Keep your vehicle properly maintained at all times (oil changes, tyre pressure, power steering and brake fluids, etc). Follow the service intervals recommended by your mechanic or found in your owner’s manual, always keep a close eye on all the belts and hoses, check filters, spark plugs, etc.

No matter where you’re heding, heed these pieces of advice to get to your destination in one piece 🙂
Good luck on the road, and remember about the speed limits!