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    My name is Lisa and I own and operate Streetwize Driving School in Surrey, BC. I received my training from Young Drivers of Canada and have been Driving Instructing for over 2 years now. I am committed to providing top rate, professional and reliable driving lessons with the goal of helping you to pass your Road test on the first try. I have a proven high pass rate with my students and pride myself on my ability to make you feel comfortable and build your confidence quickly.

    So if you are a fearful driver and have felt that others have not provided you with the right tools to conquer your fear of driving and pass that Road test, you have come to the right place.

    I am GLP Certified, ICBC Bonded and Insured. My specialty is in helping people learn parking and the maneuvers quickly. I strive to provide the information in a way which is easily understandable and you are able to comprehend easily. My students success is my success.

    Visit my website and www.streetwizedrivingschool.ca for more information and to view the testimonials from former students I have taught.

    I look forward to teaching you great driving skills soon!

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    Streetwize Driving School
    Surrey, BC, Canada
    Phone: 604-239-1140
    Website: www.streetwizedrivingschool.ca
    Email address:

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