Success Driver Training

Driving school in Guelph, ON, Canada

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Contact the Success Driver Training :
105-2 Quebec Street, Guelph, N1H 2T3 Canada
Telephone : 519-822-1341
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About the Success Driver Training :

With Success Driver Training's in-class lessons, you will receive:
20 Hours Training
Flexible Course Schedule
Driver Psychology
Driving In The City
Signs, Signals, Lanes & Road Markings
Defensive Driving
Driving Under Adverse Conditions
Highway & Freeway Driving
Emergency Maneuvers
What To Do At The Scene Of A Crash
Drinking & Driving
Fuel Economy
Car Maintenance
Insurance -- Buying A Car
Graduated Licensing Systems

Each in-car session is 45 minutes long.
10 Hours In Automatic
Free Pick-up & Drop-off (In City)
Lessons At Your Convenience
Training One To One
Dual Controlled, Fully Insured, Late Model Cars
Defensive Driving
Adverse Conditions
Highway & Freeway Driving
Emergency Maneuvers:
Gravel Shoulder Recovery
Head On & Rear End Collision Avoidance
Swerving Techniques
... and many more
Turning Maneuvers
Parallel, Hill & Angle Parking
Backing Into A Space
Student Evaluation

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