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This website helped me study and pass my G1 test! The questions on the practice tests were almost word-for-word to the ones on the real test. As long as you can get 100% or close to it on the marathon tests, you’ll be fine for the real one!! 🙂 ~ Kayla K, Kingston
This website is all you’ll need. Do the first five practice tests, followed by the Marathons. I passed the test in the first try. ~ Nicholas Kelseys, Brampton
I want to let every test taker know that the questions you will get in your G1 exam will be more than 95% same that you see on this website….Don’t hesitate at all to use these questions as a study material…You don’t need to read that driving book at all..Believe me, you can totally rely on these questions…I thank the owners of this website…I cleared my test first time. ~ Karan Dhiman
Thanks to this website I can easily pass my G1 test. The site contains all the questions/answers I need to learn for my G1 written test. Thank you very much, ~ Phuc Cao, Stratford, Ontario
I took my G1 today and passed with flying colours. I used this site to study, taking a different test every day and then the day before my test I did the final maximum practice test. This morning before my test I was still rocky with the rules of the road so I did the marathon and ended up passing my G1 with a perfect score. The questions are literally practically identical. This is most certainly the site to go to if you are nervous about your test. Definitely will be recommending this website in the future. ~ Nicole St. Jean
I literally studied for ONE single day using this extraordinary practice test ‘Cheat’, and I went to the G1 testing room, without any regrets & passed with flying colours. I would just like to take the moment to thank this site. ~ Dennis D, Kitchener
I did the practice tests yesterday and went today and did the real G1 test. Got 38 out of the 40 questions right. The two I got wrong was because of my haste rather than not knowing the correct answers. Great too to learn the traffic signs and rules of the road ~ Lin D
This website is really helpful, and on the exam all the questions were identical. Thanks for creating this website, it was really very very useful. ~ Ruqia Dore
I did the practise questions over a few days on this site and today I passed my G1 on the first attempt -- perfect score on the signs and 18 correct on the regulations! Thank you! ~ O B, Port Union
Wow! This has really helped me! I just took my G1 test as soon as I turned 16 and I can’t believe that this has actually helped me! The tests are almost word-for-word to these! 🙂 Best of luck to anyone else that’s taking the test! 😀 ~ Aaron Yu, Toronto
Everything went well for me. I got a perfect score without reading the driver’s handbook. The tests were extremely helpful, almost similar word for word on the test. I’m really grateful to tears for these practice tests. Thank you for this!!! ~ Lorelei Lee, College Park
I practiced the tests online and read the manual, did my G1 test today and I was very nervous, overall the exam was easy except for a few minor difficulties that were tackled once I visualized my dad and uncle driving. 94% of the exam was from the online tests and the rest you need to read the manual. ~ Mohammed AbuZeinah, took the test at 5555 Eglinton Ave West, Etobicoke, M9C5M1
This website helps alot; I also read the book .. i cleared my test first attempt 40/40 .. ~ M K
I practiced solely on these tests online, and I successfully passed my G1 test. I had only answered 2 questions incorrectly, but passed nonetheless. Thank you! ~ Priscilla Soares, Oshawa
Because of you I passed my G1 test! I did the practice tests until I felt comfortable taking the resl G1 test, I’ve been driving for a year now and I’m getting ready to take my G2 test. Thanks to your website I feel confident enough now to move forward ~ Jennifer Morris, Toronto
This site is a great resource. I only got one question wrong on the G1 (: ~ Melissa HS, ON
WOOOOW!! Just wooooow! I was freaking out about these tests for so long but honestly this site is ALL you NEED!!!! Make no mistake of it it’s amazing!!! Almost ALL of the questions I got were from this site! I think maybe 2 or 3 weren’t but if you get 100% on all your practice tests here, you will DEFINITELY pass. For sure for sure! THANKS SO MUCH YOU WONDERFUL SITE!! I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! ~ Kory Morrison (Downsview Location)
I just wanted to say thank you so very much for providing these G1 practice tests! I passed on my first go and am so exited to get onto the road 🙂 Most , if not all of the questions on the test I knew from the practice tests , the wording and layout was exactly the same and I would recommend anyone wanting to take their G1 to come here first! I am from the UK and moved here just a year ago when I started taking the practice tests and thanks to your help Ive been able to learn the ‘Canadian way’ really quickly! Could not be happier! Thank you so much! ~ Megan Martin, Toronto
I studied all the tests until I got 100 and I went this morning and passes within 10 minutes, this site is amazing, I’m recommending it to all my friends, almost all questions on the real test are here, THANKS ~ Ryan Edoa, ON
The questions on this site are spectacular. I decided last night I’d take my G1 and all I needed to do was practice both marathon tests, take a couple of practice tests, and today I passed with flying colours. The questions are almost exactly word-for-word on the real test, and the questions here cover it all! I felt confident walking into that exam room. I am supremely impressed with this website and would recommend it to everyone. Thanks, guys! ~ Sophia S, Aurora
This is an awesome resource! I read the handbook some years ago and didn’t want to read it again. Although most of the questions are common sense, these practice tests prepare you very well. Some questions were exactly the same; I passed on my first attempt, without having to read the book! ~ Jane M, Toronto
This site is awesome! I just passed my G1 test, thanks a million, all the questions were basically from this site I got 40/40!!! HIP HIP HURRAY Happy driving pals, come vist me once you get your wheels!!!!!!!!!!! cya soon 🙂 !!! ~ Corianna Muids
I practiced and studied the material using these tests, and when it came time for me to go for my G1 written test, I did perfectly except for one mistake on the rules portion. I want to thank all of you for making this possible (the questions and answers were both similar and I was glad to know that the material here was indeed on the test). ~ Rebecca Pal, ON
I practiced for my test from this site and passed first time today :))) This site is very useful and interesting. I would recommend it to all my friends. I read from the official handbook once and practiced all questions from here. I did it until I got all the answers correct. Hurray!!! And thanks once again for this website 🙂 ~ Kiran K., ON
I spent some time during the weeks before my test just getting familiar with the questions. Then, the day before my test, I spent 2 hours going through every question. 38/40. All you need is this site, definitely. ~ Jordan G., ON
You guys rock! Just got my G1 license thanks to your site! Your tests are amazing, I didn’t even try any others. Thank you so much! ~ Aksana Shchasnaya, Toronto, Downsview Park
Extremely helpful site, I am new to this country but I passed G1 with 39/40. Just two questions were unfamiliar and 38 were the same as given here. ~ Shahbano Burney, Mississauga
I got almost 100% on my test. I only got one wrong! ~ Michelle S., Kitchener
Thank you so much! I passed my G1 test. Awesome site!!!!!!! ~ Mariz Rubico, ON
Wooooow! This site is great! I went for my G1 and I passed with a perfect score! Thank you, FIND! ~ Shirley Guibernas, Oakville
This site is great. I took my G1 test and like everyone else here I passed and all thanks to this site. It was funny that most of the questions are exactly the same except for 1-3 questions. I got 18/20 on rules and 20/20 on signs. THANKS SO MUCH! ~ Matthew, ON
These practice tests rock!! I did all of them over a couple of days and received 100% on both tests today. ~ Tony Ross, ON
By using this website I passed my g1 test on the first try with only 1 mistake! The questions on the test are almost identical and in many cases are identical to the ones on this website. This site is the reason I passed! Thank you so much!!! ~ DJ Stillman
Thanks to this site I passed my G1 with a 38/40 ~ Serge King, Toronto
I did my Knowledge test today and passed it with flying colors, thanks to this amazing website!!! I got my G1 license today!! Your site and all the practice tests gave me a special confidence when I got to the center to do my test, all the questions were exactly the same and asked in exactly same way, I would recommend that people study all the practice questions and the marathon ones if they want to really know all the signs and rules of the road so as to avoid any surprise question in the test. ~ Anthonia Odubanjo (37 Carl Hall road, Toronto Location)
This site is even better than the book, because it helps you to understand the concepts necessary for the test. The test almost seemed too easy! ~ Brandon Smith (Bunting street St. Catherines Location)
I did all 7 practice tests and maximum practice test on the site. It was so freaking helpful. About 90% of the questions were exactly the same as on the site. I will definitely recommend this site to all my friends 🙂 ~ Manohar Pasam, Toronto
Thank you so much for this site! I just passed my G1 test yesterday January 02,2013. This site is extremely helpful. ~ Rita Quiqui, ON
Studied for just 1 Hour from the Drivers Handbook provided on this site and cleared the G1 Exam without any Wrong Answer. Perfect Site to Study for G1. 5 Stars ~ Aseem Duggal, Windsor
Thank you “find-a-driving-school-ca”. Your tests were very helpful and on the exam almost all the questions were identical. I think the most helpful test is the “Marathon” test. I got 97%(19/20,20/20). I recommend it to everyone! ~ Ahmad Azizov, Kitchener
I used many different practice websites but this one was by FAR the best. I did all the tests each one time the day before my written test, and had them memorized after that. When I got to the test, 95% of the questions were word for word the same. So extremely helpful. ~ Jillian Noss, Hamilton
This site is amazing, I am 46 and never had my license. I was very nervous thought for sure I would fail, just passed it(one try, one mistake) These tests are very, very similair to what they give you. Now watch out world here I come!!! ~ Sue Truman, Ottawa, ON
This website is all you’ll need. Do the first five practice tests, followed by the Marathons. I passed the test in the first try. ~ Nicholas Kelseys, Brampton
I got my G1 today thanks to this site :D! ~ Mackie Smith, ON
I didn’t study at all until the night before and I passed the test with 100% thanks to these tests 😀 ~ Derpy Hooves, ON
Your tests are MUCH more effective than the booklet. Your questions focus on the most important facts. Also, the wording of your practice questions really prepared me for some of the tricky questions on the G1. The wording of many G1 questions was very similar to those on your site. I passed the G1 with only ONE wrong answer! Those who successfully complete the practice tests on this site, are guaranteed to pass the G1. Thank you very much for offering such a valuable resource, FREE of charge!! ~ Michelle Theresa
I must say this website was really helpful! I totally recommend starting off with tests 1 and 2 and then do tests 6 and 7, IMO tests 6 and 7 are great because you don’t know what questions are on the test but by doing those tests you’re sure to know those 20. I got a perfect on the test and I must say almost all of those questions are worded exactly the same as the ones on this site and if not the words are just written differently. ~ Bryan of Markham, ON, got my G1 at Victoria Park Drive Test
This is the best site out there, i studied for a week(just doing the tests) until I got %100 on each one. and i got my G1 in one try!!!! ~ Yeshu theBear, ON
I just wanna say a big thank you!!! With the help of your tests I passed my G1 test this morning:) Big thanks again!!! ~ Chris Stathopoulos, test center at 5555 Eglinton Ave W.
I practiced all the questions over and over again and today, when I went to do the test… I failed just one (which I was having problems with anyways). This is the most helpful site I ever used, Thank you sososos much. ~ Chideraa N, Hamilton, ON
Thanks to God the almighty then to your website of course. I got my G1 license today after practicing from your questions. It made things much easier for me, and I passed for the 1st time. Whoever is preparing now for the G1 should just make sure that you can answer the questions from this website and I can assure you, you’ll definitely make it! Good luck for all. ~ Nahed Ahmed, ON
I really practiced here even more than I read the book! I passed my test like a year ago and now I’m preparing for my G2, I wish they had a G2 driving test center as well! I have recommended this site to my friend who recently took her test and passed as well. I would recommend this site to anyone! ~ Teanne Ashton, ON
Awesome website! just did my G1 test today and got 100% 😀 ~ Christin Meyer, Toronto
I took my G1 test today, it was my first time. I used your website to practice, I scored 100% on each of the sample tests before I went to take the real one. The book only confused me -- too much information especially the numbers to remember and you get them all mixed up in the head. ALL the questions that came up in the test were in the sample tests! And yeah, I passed. 🙂 Thank you very very much for making this website! You’re an angel. ~ S.G, Kitchener
Thx to your website, I cleared my G1 in the first attempt. 🙂 Practice tests 1,2,3,4 and 5 are sufficient to pass… ~ MJ, ON
I took my first drivers test in 2003 and failed 3 times just by reading the booklet and 9 years later my husband brings me to get my liscence and after taking these practice test I finally past with flying colors. I’ve taken each practice test to get familiar with the wording because I’m really bad with multiple choice questions because I second quess myself and this helped me alot with what to expect. I would recommend this to everyone who is about to take the drivers test to come on this website and practice to get familiar with the wording and what to expect when taking the test. ~ Josee Tyson, Sudbury
I must admit that this website was extremely helpful. I took all the tests provided until I was comfortable with each question. I thank this website for allowing me to get the practice that I needed and passing my G1 on the first try!! P.S.: the questions on the real test were very similar ~ Yanique Brown
You can’t fail after going through all the test on this website, I got perfect scores on my G1 and was done in 15 minutes. Thanks to this website! ~ Neesha G
This website is so good! I did those marathon tests for about 2 hours last night, and I had 100% today! All the questions in here are very similar to the real ones, just try to remember as much as you can and everything would go smoothly. Thank you so much 🙂 ~ Nguyen Nguyen
I have received my G1 today with a perfect score and on my first attempt. I did not read one single page of the Ontario Driver’s Handbook, instead I studied this site and took all of the practice tests a few times over until I was getting 100% on each. The actual G1 test questions are almost identical in nature to the ones that can be found on this site. I recommend this site to everyone! Thanks! ~ James Phillips, got my G1 at 220 Exeter Rd. London, ON
Amazing …. very very nice test, passed my exam in first try. The tests are as good as the real one. I am sure if you go through these practice tests, you should be more then prepared for the real test. ~ SSS BB, ON
Wow guys, this site helped me alot, when I was going to take the test, I knew I was going to pass. Everything was perfect, almost all the questions came from this site. They can twist the questions but if u take ur practice tests here, trust me u gonna make it big time. Thanks guys, it was great learning from ur website. I wrote the test today and passed with flying colours. ~ Feez Latiff, Brampton
This website was very great help to me. I have never read any driving handbook before. I found this website on April 18, 2012 then I started to practice the tests until today (April 23, 2012) I took my G1 test and passed successfully! Some questions are exactly the same and some others just have the different way of writing but the same meaning. This website is amazing and very much helpful! Gratefully Thanks! ~ Daily MDEL, took the test at 1570 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON
I just took the G1 test and passed on my first try thanks to this site. All the road signs are there and some of the knowledge questions are worded word for word. However, some of the questions I’ve never seen on this site that are on the test, but if you use your common sense you should be able to fill in the ones you don’t know. ~ Kamilla Karamel
I practiced here a few times a week. I just passed my G1 test with flying colours. Thanks to this site which helped me a lot. Bought the book and never used it, once I found this site. Thanks. ~ Patience Bissong, Toronto
I just aced my G1 test today! Thanks for these online tests, helped me a lot. ~ Rachel Bainbridge, Ontario
Passed first time with the help of these tests. Really good help, thank you! ~ Tania Hollingsworth, Thunder Bay
I just took all the tests from this site yesterday night spending around 3 hours and took G1 test today scoring 39/40. This site is the best to clear G1. ~ Vi Ba, ON
To me, it is simple calculation -if you score 100% on this site, you get 100% in the G1 test. That is what happened to me when I went for G1 test for the first time today.Thanks a lot. ~ MD Kowsar
Great site! Took the online quizzes on here for a couple weeks. Aced my G1, by the end of the couple weeks I got perfect anytime.
I recommend your site over the actual book any day! ~ Melissa Candler, Oshawa
Three members of my family passed the G1 test using your tests. It was a great help. ~ Rasaselvan
I’ve attended the G1 knowledge test today for the first time & passed! I scored 18 out of 20 on the rules part & got 100% on the road signs part. It was possible only because I took practice tests here for 2 days! ~ M. Haque
I started practising on your tests first, then I read the book and I continued with the tests. I was amazed on the test day of how close your questions were to the real ones. I could literally close my eyes and answer the road signs part! Thank you very much. BTW I had a perfect score in the test! ~ Fia
I came across this site yesterday and began practising with these great online prep test. Just in one day I felt confident enough to go and do the real test! I went today and passed! ~ Andrew
Thank you very much, I found it very very useful, after studying the book I went through your tests several times and was able to get a perfect score at the real test! Thank you again. I would not hesitate to recommend this site. Keep up the good work. ~ Pauline
Before I took my G1 test, I took every single test on this website. As soon as I got good, I went to write the test, and almost got perfect. I messed up on only 1 rule question. Some of the questions were even exact to the ones to this site. Not one question I was asked on the real test was not found on this site. ~ Katarina
Passed with 95%, almost made 100%, but I got confused with a couple of questions on the signs part. The online practice tests helped me prepare, I took all of them until I got 100%, and the answers were 2nd nature to me. These online preparation tests were very useful, and my wife is taking the test soon and we are using this site to prepare for it. ~ Anil
The marathon was extremely useful. Just passed the test with 39/40 because a lot of the questions posted on the site are similar/alike on the REAL test. Thanks a lot for all the practice and questions posted. 🙂 ~ Ava
I just relocated to Toronto from UK and a friend I met recommended your website for me to practise my G1 test. Guess what? Just today went for my test and passed. Thank you for putting up a site like this. ~ Janet
I passed my G1 test and only got one wrong answer! Thanks to this online quiz, it helped me alot 🙂 ~ Selena
I wrote my first senior’s driving test this morning. Thanks to your sample tests I passed with 100%. They allowed me to feel self confident as I knew my subject, many thanks. ~ M. E. Roberts, St. Catharines, ON
To be perfectly honest, this is probably the greatest resource for practicing for the G1 test. Through the use of these practice tests, I was able to pass the G1 test on my FIRST try! I truly appreciate what these guys here are doing for soon-to-be licensed drivers. Best of all, it’s FREE. ~ Brandon Dwyer
These tests helped me so much I passed 98%. THANX ~ Peter
I was pretty nervous about failing the test as many of my friends did on their first try. However, after doing these tests I felt fully prepared going into the exam, and I passed with flying colors! I fully recommend this test to anyone who also wants to feel fully prepared for the test. The best part about the practice quizzes is that they are incredibly similar to the real exam. ~ Tyler
The test was extremely useful! I passed my G1 the first time, this practice test is the best one out of all of the ones I have done and I recommend it highly. The questions on these test pretty much covered the questions on the actual G1. ~ Alaya
Great layout, user-friendly, fantastic content -- and I love the marathon tests, too! Thanks for creating this! REALLY HELPED ALL OF US! ~ Dan
It was an excellent resource to go through before the G1 Exam. I have cleared the written exam in the first attempt. Very handy for a quick preparation. Almost 90% of the questions came from the practice tests given on this website. Very, very useful. Good Luck for everybody. ~ Premila
I used the tests on this site for about a week and passed today with only two questions wrong! Awesome site. ~ Chantel
Hi guys! Thank you so much for the marathon practice test, I answered it 2 times a day for 3 days and I’ve taken the test this morning and I got a perfect score!.. Highly recommended for those who want to pass the exam in one try. ~ Jonald
This site was extremely helpful. The questions that are on this site are an exact replica of the questions that you are asked at the written test. Without a doubt, this is THE site to go to before appearing for your G1 written test. ~ Lester D’Almeida
I came on here took every test on here, and today I went for my G1 and passed with a perfect score! Thanks! ~ Holea