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Driving school in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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302-1609 Comox St., Vancouver, V6G 1P4 Canada
CALL 778-288-0824!class-4-unrestricted-license/cc1i
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About the Vancouver LaughWalks Driver Training:

Specializes in BC Class 4 Unrestricted Commercial Licence Training


Full hands-on driver training for ICBC CLASS 4 Unrestricted LICENCE

ALL OUR STUDENTS PASS THE ICBC TEST (If you don't pass first try, re-training is FREE!)

We use our 15 passenger vans to train you to do the PRE-INSPECTION TEST & ROAD TEST exactly as expected for your ICBC Exam.

The FULL training will be less than 3 hours - no excessive theory and wasting time as with most driver training courses!

COST: $300 for TRAINING on PRE-INSPECTION TEST & ROAD TEST (includes written instructions to follow for your ICBC exam)

VEHICLE RENTAL for ICBC Exam: $350 (includes Free Vehicle Prep)

Our full sized passenger vans are equipped with

• a Fire-Extinguisher

• Safety Kit

• First-Aid Kit

• Safety Vest

• Valid Insurance Papers

• necessary tools required for your ICBC Exam

DEPOSIT of $100 required for bookings - tax receipt given


Visit!class-4-unrestricted-license/cc1i for more information.

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