Washing A Car: 7 Simple Steps

Car WashThere’s a simple thing that costs nothing but keeps your car looking good, new and expensive – that is washing a car.There’s a number of things that can damage the car’s paint, like road salt, bugs, bird droppings and tree sap. The longer you leave them untouched, the harder it gets to remove them. Many think that it’s a piece of cake to wash a car, but doing this incorrect way may damage the finish. It’s better to wash your car one or two times a month or even more often if needed. There’s a plenty of special tools, cleansers and magazine articles describing how to give your car a showroom-shine, but in general your car will attract everyone’s attention after following our simple steps for an average owner of an average car.

Step 1: Things needed for car washing:

  • Two buckets
  • A car wash solution of high quality (it may have a waxing effect)
  • A cloth-mitt or sheepskin for washing (try to avoid synthetic ones)
  • Clean and soft small cloths
  • A fine chamois-leather
  • A pipe with a spray nozzle, preferably with several settings

Step 2: About the two buckets – keep in mind and don’t forget to do it.

In one bucket you will need clean water. In the other -- soapy water, read the directions on the wash solution beforehand. It’s important to rinse the wash mitt in clean water after cleaning each section of a car, so the dirt won’t get to the bucket with soapy water. It will prevent scratching and damaging the car paint. Don’t forget to replace the water for rinsing to keep it clean.

Step 3: First rinse your car from top to bottom, from a pipe with strong stream, especially the cracks where dirt may hide.

Clean the surface with a pipe from several feet away, if you come too close you can damage car paint.

Step 4: After rinsing use the wash mitt with soapy water.

Beginning from the top of the car rub each section of the car surface. Don’t press too hard and keep washing the mitt in the bucket with clean water. This time you don’t need a strong stream, use a gentle shower of water. Work with every section of your car from top to bottom. Don’t use the mitt for extremely dirty areas, like tires or wheels.

Step 5: When the body of the car is clean, wash the tires, the wheels and other dirty spots with soft cloths and plenty of soap water.

You can buy special cleaners for wheels and tires, but it’s not obligatory. The cloths can become black and grimy soon, so replace them.

Step 6: Now it’s time for a final rinse to remove the rest of soap from the top to the bottom of your car.

It’s a good idea to dry car paint with a chamois as thoroughly as possible. It will give your car extra shine and won’t leave any water-beads on the surface to evaporate and damage car finish.

Step 7: Look at your car in admiration and give it a ride!