Weather: Hundreds Of Crashes On Ontario Roads

Heavy snow has led to hundreds of fender-benders and more serious crashes on Ontario roads Sunday.

Police shut down roads and reported black ice on Highway 400 and whiteout conditions north of the city and were urging people not to venture out unless absolutely necessary.

They say many drivers are not adapting their behaviour to the winter conditions and are risking the safety and lives of others.

Far too many motorists are not adjusting their driving to compensate for the poor weather and road conditions,” said Commissioner Julian Fantino.

Speed and aggressive driving are the two major causes of crashes at this time of year. Most of today’s occurrences could have -- and should have -- been avoided.

Although the City of Toronto has lifted an Extreme Cold Weather Alert, the forecast calls for as much as 4 centimetres of light and blowing snow ending Sunday evening, with temperatures hovering around -8 Celcius.

Snow squalls were predicted for parts of the province.