Why Some Driving Instructors Almost Always Fail to Teach You

Not all driving instructors will be the best teachers.

There are those driving instructors who fail to teach you because they are not taught properly themselves. Driving instructors have to have a combination of ‘on the road’ practice and be able to prepare students for exams that they have to pass to get their drivers licence. They should be able to teach students to operate vehicles and instil respect for driving laws and regulations. Driving instructors usually work in two kinds of schools: public high schools and driver education, and commercial driving schools that are open to the public. In this atmosphere a driving instructor needs to be able to communicate and interact with their students in an open and friendly manner. Instructors who work for commercial schools usually teach driving full time. Their students are either adult or older teenagers. The typical course includes eight hours in the classroom combined with driving practice and instruction.

Driving instructors in both types of schools teach driving in the same way.

They have to be able to teach students about car and the instrument panels. So they have to know the different parts of a vehicle. They have to teach the students the correct way to sit when driving and how to use the different controls. In other words they need to be patient so that the student understands all the elements. Then the instructor will have to teach them how to use standard transmission vehicles and the use of gears and clutches before they begin driving. When the student and instructor hit the road the student will learn how to park, turn, brake and stop. Being an instructor you will have to give your students practice exams to prepare them for the written test they will have to take through the department of motor vehicles. The instructor needs to give the students advice and feedback on their abilities and point out the skills they should be practising before their final driving tests.

You should be able to show your student how to use their side mirrors and scanning intersections. Driving instructors will fail to teach you if they are not cool and flexible. They can also fail to teach you if they themselves are too aggressive of a driver.If your instructor is yelling or acting strangely you are not going to feel comfortable with them. If they keep doing things like taking the steering wheel away from you or braking continuously you won’t learn the proper driving techniques. A good driving instructor should teach students how the real world works and how to stay safe and out of accidents. They should teach the students to stay alert and off of cell phones and not to clown around in the vehicle while driving. It only takes three seconds for your eyes to leave the road and in that time a car can move 100 kilometres an hour which is the distance of a football field! Those are some facts that driving teachers should instil in their students!