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Driving school in Thornhill, ON, Canada

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Promenade Mall - 1 Promenade Circle, Suite 301N, Thornhill, L4J 4P8 Canada
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About the Young Drivers of Canada Thornhill:

State-Of-The-Art Program

Young Drivers offers a state-of-the-art, well designed, and effective driver training program that provides graduates with the skills they need to drive collision-free. The classroom material is supported by integrated in-vehicle instruction. All in-vehicle lessons are private - only one student with the instructor at all times.

Exclusive to Young Drivers are the following training techniques and driving habits:

  • YD Collisionfree! ™ Approach

  • YD Emergency Braking

  • YD Emergency Braking and Swerving

  • YD Head-on Collision Avoidance

  • YD Rear Crash Avoidance

  • YD Highway and/or Freeway Driving

  • YD Risk Perception

  • CogniFit™ New Driver

CogniFit™ New Driver is an interactive, online program that literally trains your brain to more effectively react to the road. It's an important part of the Young Drivers' curriculum, and it is designed to help you practice the mental skills you need to be the smartest, safest driver possible and to improve your performance in sports and school as well.

Highly-Trained Instructors

All YD instructors have passed the YD Instructor Program, which exceeds all provincial requirements. All of our instructors are required to take annual recertification to maintain their level of skill. Our instructors use teaching techniques, such as "Running Commentary", to help students improve their seeing habits and become proactive drivers.


There is a copyright on the Young Drivers of Canada Program. This means that no other driving school can teach this material.

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