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Young Drivers of Canada (Vancouver Kerrisdale)


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  1. Ethel Mallett
    Posted on December 6th

    This is an excellent driving school. Both my daughters took lessons with YDC and had superior instruction. The instructors were personable and always on time. They usually picked the girls up for the lesson outside their respective schools, gave the lesson and ended it at our home. Both girls passed their tests the first time. Both girls had two brush-up lessons just before taking their full license at a later date and passed that the first time as well.
    The school was very obliging when my daughter needed a confirmation letter that she had had lessons and had been tested using a YDC manual transmission vehicle: this enabled her to get her full UK driver’s license without further testing. If it weren’t for the letter they provided she would have had no proof that she had been tested on a manual transmission as ICBC does not keep that information. All in all, a very professional, yet friendly and student-centred, driving school.

  2. New Driver
    Posted on July 22nd

    Do not sign up for this school. The teacher I got was horrible. The staff are arrogant. They keep pressuring me to get more lessons from them. They are expensive for nothing. I would recommend you choose other driving schools. Don’t waste your money with them. They are not worth it.

  3. Luz
    Posted on July 22nd

    I also signed up for this school years ago, and they had the worst driving instructors ever. They told my daughter that it would be years! before she can pass her road test (how encouraging) and told her to book more lessons with them as well. She passed the road test 3 months later with another good instructor I hired. Wasted my money with them. I didn’t know they were that bad, and afterwards, I heard so many bad stories about them, and then it was too late.

  4. Driver
    Posted on July 22nd

    The worst driving school. Do not sign up