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Take our first online G1 practice test from our new 2017 series of free G1 tests to see if you’re prepared for the real driving theory test in Ontario. This first practice test below was carefully designed to mimic the structure of the real G1, and it uses the same passing score system. Most of the questions are very similar (and often identical!) to what you’ll be asked at the real G1 Test. We have received a lot of feedback from our users claiming that this practice test alone helped them pass with flying colors! However, you must understand that this is a practice test, and its main aim is to help you prepare for your G1 in 2017.
Navigate through the questions by clicking the answer. If you’re correct, you’ll see the next question automatically. When an incorrect answer is selected, you’ll see graphical indicators near the right and wrong answers, as well as a short explanation of the answer (in most questions). You’ll need to click ‘Next Question’ to proceed. Monitor your progress in the left-hand test progress box where green and red boxes indicate your right and wrong answers.
So, start the test now and find out if you’re ready for Ontario G1 2017!

ON G1 Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:20+20
Answer correctly to pass:16+16
Passing score:80%
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