✔ Ontario G1 Practice Test Two 2017 | ON


Take our second online G1 practice test from our series of free G1 tests to see if you’re prepared for the real driving theory test in Ontario. The second test below was built to mimic the structure of the real G1, and it uses the same structure and same passing score system. This test, exactly like the real one, consists of two sections -- traffic signs and rules of the road, 20 questions each. You are only allowed to make 4 mistakes in each section. This means that even if you make only one mistake in signs, but 5 mistakes in rules of the road, it is a failure. So, read the questions carefully and pick the only option that seems to be the BEST answer to the question. Some of the questions or answers may sound confusing or tricky, but the goal of this test is to train you to recognize such questions and know how to pay attention to the detail.
However, you must understand that this is a sample driving test only. The actual knowledge exam may contain different questions, and you must study the official MTO Driver’s Handbook from cover to cover, to increase your chances of passing. Good luck and see you on the road soon!

ON G1 Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:20+20
Answer correctly to pass:16+16
Passing score:80%
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