Mota’s Driving School


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    Mota’s Driving School
    239 Queen Street East, Suite 1502
    Brampton, ON, Canada

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  1. Guest
    Posted on June 16th

    Do NOT recommend.

  2. London
    Posted on February 3rd

    I agree with the post below. I would not recommend this man. Compare to other instructors he charges more money, and makes unnecessary remarks whether or not his remarks are meant to be funny or racist they are still unnecessary. He tells you he spent hours learning techniques to make driving easier for you (in reality all instructors teach you the same techniques. I know this for a fact because my friends know the same “tricks” as I do. He told me he spent hours developing them…guess not). He also charges you a fee for doing your g2 test with him although when you pay for your g1 test the first g2 test is already included in the fees. Be aware of this instructor.

  3. Matt
    Posted on April 28th

    I don’t agree with the post below. Really over exaggerating, mota really taught me well and after every in car lesson with him i really try to improve what i screwed up for the next lesson, he told me that and it really worked. He never told me once that his techniques “spent hour to develop” he probably got them from long time hes been a driving instructor. He changes you for the g2 to use his car thats it, well i wasn’t charged for anything else. if you cant take a joke, say something, hes really respectful if you are to him. his in class place is kinda scetchy but in-car is what is most important. I had a good experience with him compared to most stories iv heard about other driving instructors in brampton, be thankful he speaks english to you(well with a portuguese accent)

  4. Nicky
    Posted on April 19th

    I had a terrible experience here. Joe is rude and makes racist remarks. He thinks he is funny when in reality he is an ignorant kern trying to gain the approval of asshole kids. He is encouraging young kids to laugh at comments such as “you get extra points if you hit an Indian in Brampton”. Joe ruined my driving experience. He was rude in car and snippy with nerves. Would NOT recommend. Would recommend AGAINST him.

  5. Nicky
    Posted on April 22nd

    I told him I didn’t find it funny. He told me to lighten up and didn’t change.